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Our Story

Kared-Fod Women Development Programme (KAWODEP) is a non-partisan, non-profit making registered as an NGO in March 2012, before then we had functioned as a CBO from 1990.


The thrust behind the formation of KAWODEP was the continued deterioration of the living standards of the locals despite the intervention measures by the government departments. In the community, the girls/women were denied education. They remain easy prey to traditional attitude and unsrupulous, thus perpetuating their own low status and the vicious cycle of ignorance, powerlessness and neglect in which they find themselves. It is on this basis that the organization was initiated to work together with the local community (women) to improve the status of women and girls. KAWODEP is therefore the brainchild of the local women in their effort to advance the human rights of women and girls and reduce the level of poverty and powerlessness within the community.


The organization supports innovative and creative efforts which advance the realization of some fundamental values and goals:

  • To create an enaling enviroment that expands the space for democratization/gender equity, encourage cultures of participation and advocates inclusion rather than exclusion of marginalized and oppressed groups.
  • To strengthen the capacity of local philanthropies, institutions and individuals within governments and civil society to promote value systems which break down barriers and build new partnerships in the search for social justice, peace, health and wellbeing.
  • To support communities, the poor and the disenfranchised in their efforts to secure access to justice as well as to the information, skills and assets they need to take control of their lives and gain the confidence and capacity to build a better future.

What We Do

KAWODEP works with rural communities (children, adolescent girls and women) to reduce gender inequalities through economic empowerment, gender advocacy promoting reprodutive health and advancing human rights in Migori County through popular education model/capacity building and enabling environment for organized giving and social justice.


Our Vision

A community free from all forms of poverty, violence, abuse and discrimination.

Our Mission

To create a healthy environment, protecting and empowering the vulnerable communities to become effective agents of development and change to improve quality of their lives and that of future generations.

Our Structure

KAWODEP is managed and run by an elected/voluntary Board of Directors of committed and enthusiastic members with a balance of knowledge, talents, experience and gender, which help the organization to device, its work programmes.

The Board is elected every three years and is composed of 5 women and 4 men including organization representatives, PC and professionals.

Our Philosophy

KAWODEP philosophy of development is that our initiatives are driven by the belief than human development is the key to the other development intervention build, the starting point for empowerment, economic participation the anchor and integration of women’s rights this build on the other interventions to transform women’s perception about themselves as actors in the community.

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30 Years Impacting Communities

The organization has been impacting communities since 1990.

kawodep econ
Friendly Health Services

Provide friendly and non discriminative services.

Best in Livelihoods Improvement

Viva to our team of staff in economic empowerment.

Professional Team

We are professional in dealing with partners and beneficiaries.

Our Team

Greetings! We are the Management team behind KAWODEP work.

Josephine Brenda – Chief Executive Officer

Branch Manager

Lillian Atieno – Head of Finance and Adminitration

Computer Engineer

Michael Aliwa – Head of Health and Livelihoods Programs

Repair Manager

Nancy Otieno – Head of Education and Advocacy

Quality Checker




Our Goal

To strengthen the community with information, skills, knowledge, voices, choices and income.


It is against the forgone that KAWODEP intends to ensure that information, skills, knowledge, protection, voices, choices and income are strengthened towards a community that is free from all forms of poverty, violence, abuse and discrimination. This will ultimately improve social and economic well-being of communities in Nyatike-Migori County. Thus, the theory of change that will drive KAWODEP’s strategy of 2016 – 2020 with programming in: 1) Health/AIDS, 2) Gender Advocacy, 3) Education and, 4) Livelihoods and Environment.


Core Values

Effective delegation

High Integrity

Transparency and Accountability

Participatory Leadership

Value for humanity

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Gender Equity

Respect for human rights

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